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Line pencil drawings of nudes

I like to explore different approaches to life drawing with female muses and find out if a certain technique, combinations of drawings or unusual poses is interesting for me. Having always – among other aspects of drawing – focussed on line quality, I started to draw without sketching, using a firm pencil line. This is a very unforgiving way to draw as mistakes stand out immediately, but should a drawing succeed it can also be very rewarding.
Apart from trying to achieve a certain quality I think of my drawings as reflections of the special moment we, my muse and I, share. This includes mistakes, for these are part of the whole experience. So in these examples no erasers were used.

These private sessions are based upon trust and cooperation. Especially for a first time model it is no small thing to disrobe and pose before the analyzing eyes of an artist. I am very honored and thankful to be able to work this way.
Some of the inspiring women in this blog entry have an internet presence:

female nude pencil line contour life drawing bent over long hair art dutch artist wim euverman

nude life drawing female girl woman muse art continuous line pencil dutch artist wim r euverman

nude female sitting grasping feet art pencil paper life drawing line contour outline

nude naked female pencil art life drawing outline contour line paper

outline drawing line art nude girl woman female paper pencil dutch artist wim euverman

line life drawing outline pencil art nude female girl sitting woman smartphone paper

outline line pencil life drawing nude girl woman female model muse sketching art

Outline life drawing pencil line paper female model unfinished art

nude female woman girl life drawing model bent over drawing line outline pencil art euverman dutch artist

line outline life pencil drawing art frontal nude sitting female girl woman leg raised dutch artist euverman


pencil life drawing line outline lying foreshortened female girl woman nude foreshortening hand close angle art

pencil life outline line drawing art female girl woman nude holding foot leg raised sitting

pencil line life drawing art outline female nude girl lying on back foreshortened foreshortening nudity partly clothed shirt

pencil art line life drawing outline female nude model girl woman sketching sketch sitting paper

pencil art line outline drawing nude female woman model girl legs up hands holding bare feet denim jacket

pencil line outline art life drawing nude muse model girl woman female sitting crouching crouched hand outstretched

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One-off life drawings

A big thank you to all the models/muses who worked with me to get the results on this page, which shows a selection of my varied life drawing artwork. Thank you for your trust, creativity, cooperation and nice conversation during our sessions! I am glad to have met you and hope to see you soon.

The drawings on this page, some of them too explicit for my Facebook page, were for the most part created in 2015, when I started doing private life drawing sessions after some 25 years of participating in and organizing group life drawing sessions.

foreshortening foreshortened pose life drawing from feet up art

foreshortening foreshortened pose life drawing top view from above nude female woman girl

foreshortened foreshortening life drawing pose female nude girl hand woman art

The drawing above was chosen by and is now in possession of a new muse, who posed three times for me in exchange of a drawing of her (friend’s) choosing.

nude female girl woman life drawing art sitting open legs pencil

nude female life drawing woman sitting chair portrait pencil art

nude woman female girl on all fours life drawing model art charcoal conté a paris

female woman girl model life drawing on all fours with skull charcoal oil pastel art

life drawing nude female girl woman pencil art candle pose model

nude female woman girl lying on bed life drawing art

The last two life drawings above were created with a wonderful muse, at her place, who writes about working with me on her interesting blog: The Life Model Who Looked Back

female woman model life drawing candle pose boots art pencil charcoal

foreshortened life drawing foreshortening pencil art nude female girl model

art life drawing nude female woman girl arse ass buttocks bottom behind compressed pose pencil

life drawing pencil art nude female sleeping leg up seen from feet foreshortened foreshortening wim euverman

pencil art drawing hand holding skull

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Life drawing a moving model


Drawing a moving model is inspiring and can be pure joy because it is very different from usual sessions. Almost always such a muse is an accomplished dancer, comfortable with and in control of  her body in movement. There is no time to observe analytically and capture a complete pose. My muse continuously changes position. Moving slowly to music she descends in her own world, forgetting about me. I draw very quick, almost automatically, one sketch after an other. Ideally these drawings seem to draw themselves, while I am in the moment and have reached a “flow”. One model has called me a drawing machine during a session like this.

Although a lot gets thrown away, I like the results of such sessions. They often surprise both model and me. It makes me happy to draw this much from the heart and to surprise myself with the resulting strangeness.



















Perhaps, should I ever be done with the so called “mimesis” or drawing what I see, exploring the possibilities of this approach could bring me to uncharted lands.

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Foreshortening, from feet up


Extreme foreshortening with feet towards the spectator. This series started with lovely E posing like this, lying on a table so I could capture this view. It is an old cliché to see a woman as a landscape. However, seen from this angle the result sure appears to me like a series of hills and valleys. I like the difficulty of drawing this perspective and the fact that this view is uncommon. Foreshortening like this is very hard to realize during group life drawing sessions because as an artist you should be quite close to the model. Also not every model is comfortable with exposing herself like this. Actually, this being the first time I drew this pose from this angle, I deliberately changed my position sideways so as to avoid seeing her private parts. It was me feeling uncomfortable for her – perhaps I’m gaining some self knowledge along the way…Apparently I needed to get accustomed to accept poses for what they are.

This set up between model and artist inspired me to do a whole series of these foreshortened views from the feet up.













After a while this felt almost like obsessive scientific research, or like collecting stamps…I envisioned thousands of these drawings exhibited on a wall, each one different from the others. Eventually I lost interest, it was time to try something new or at least be less of a collector. You can see the entire collection below.


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Life drawing from above


Looking for uncommon vantage points in life drawing, one of the first things I explored was looking down at my muse. Looking through some photos to choose from, E chose this pose with her arms around her legs. I like the hair and her face being upside down, which can be hard to draw. This drawing and the upside down aspect of it inspired the artwork below, with some added positive / negative play.



The life drawing above was created during the very first private session with enthusiastic model A. I believe it was the first pose also, judging by the slight awkwardness of and tension in this pose. Although usually I don’t like very academic life drawings with highlights and such, I wanted to find out if I could create one and how it felt doing so. Below is that conventional rendition of this drawing, created in Photoshop.



Again a view from above of interesting muse A. I love to draw backsides, hips and buttocks. And feet. And hands, faces, bellies, breasts, necks, hair etc etc of course…everything. Her hour glass shape. This one inspired a whole series of female nudes on all fours, seen from above. The idea developed to plan ahead for a combination of these drawings, to eventually create a group of these women. During following sessions I asked my models to take on this position but slightly rotated.





You get the idea. This ended up as a centered group of females on all fours looking at something on the floor/ground. Somebody lost her contact lens? I really don’t know what is going on here but I like the result. On Fb someone commented this could be a gathering of witches. Entirely possible! Some sky clad witches having their ceremony.


Below are two other variations created with these life drawings.



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Overview of my approaches to life drawing


Nice of you to visit my blog and this very first entry. In this first entry you will find an overview of the main approaches I have to life drawing.

My art features mainly the – in my opinion – most beautiful and fascinating subject there is: the female. I enjoy life drawing models, be it in group sessions with other artists or in private sessions where there is much more cooperation and synergy between my muse and me. Human bodies are amazing and for me as an artist a rich source of inspiration.

I started life drawing during my studies to be an art teacher in the eighties and essentially never stopped. Nowadays I like to experiment with different approaches, like the drawing above. Looking down on a model like this provides an unusual angle. I love working with sympathetic and talkative muse D.


This one I used as a header for this blog. An other unusual perspective with a lot of foreshortening, which can be a challenge to depict. Created during a private session with the beautiful and inspiring muse A.


A different kind of artwork I will upload to this blog are imagined scenes based on life drawings, like this one.

This is lively muse E, a sight for sore eyes, who was the first to do a private session with me. I was quite impressed by her trusting me. We had a great afternoon with foreshortened poses and uncommon angles / points of view. Somehow I felt I should honor her so here she is, seated on a pillar and being cared for.


I love this linear, very unforgiving style of drawing the nude. There is no sketching here, each stroke of the pencil has to be spot on. For this approach to work we need to have a very good atmosphere and I have to be warmed up and very concentrated. It is hard, but very satisfying when succeeding. This was fascinating muse T, an imaginative artist herself who had prepared some poses and thought about what I would like to draw.


This is amazing performer/dancer/model A while she was improvising, slowly moving to music. Drawing her I try to keep up with her movements, drawing very fast and almost automatically. Ideally we both get in a flow or an almost trance-like state. These kind of movement sessions are a wonderful experience and the results often strange and surprising. I love doing this so you may expect this kind of drawings in my entries here.


This is me creating a life-size drawing of muse M, who maintains a nice blog about her modeling work. She is intelligent, nice to look at and easy to work with.

I am forever searching for new (at least to me) ways of getting the most out of the in essence rather unoriginal activity of life-drawing and the short time I have with my muse.

Should you like to follow my blog, apart from the kind of art you see in this first entry you will probably encounter my: life-size drawings; combinations of several poses into one scene; very short sketches while walking around my model holding the same pose; drawings too hot for Facebook; art incorporating color; drawing in almost dark while my muse lights herself using a torch; use of projections; drawings created with my left hand; combinations with clothing etc.

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Thank you, Wim