Maandelijks archief: april 2016

Exhibits & drawing weekend

Group exhibition in a local church
During a very special life drawing session we created the life-size drawing below which will be displayed in this manner during a group exhibit on King’s day in a local church, along with the big portrait and the jumping girl – so no nudity there, it is a church!
The sitting drawing and the “jumping” girl were created by having my muse stand against or lying on the large paper, and me tracing her outline with a pencil taped on a tall stick. Once finished, she posed next to the outline drawing so I could fill in details with charcoal and pastel.
The third drawing is a work in progress, I’m not yet sure about the / if it should have surroundings for this pose.

life drawing charcoal siberian chalk girl female cut out sitting chair
portrait portret henriette sibbe wim euverman houtskool charcoal
life-size life charcoal pastel drawing semi nude woman girl female backside jeans jumping

Solo exhibition
I’m excited to have a solo exhibition in a cultural centre in my town. I’ve hardly ever exhibited my work (i.e. illustrations, because they generally appear in books already) and now a committee of well known art people has selected my free work for exhibiting in that venue! So stuff that I’ve created out of sheer passion instead of commissioned illustrations were chosen by people in the know, how is that for recognition! My drawings based on moving models will be displayed (see this blog entry for examples) and a wonderful muse of mine (who is also a dancer, clown and performer) agreed to improvise moving while I create a soundscape using my electric guitar during the opening of the exhibition. Here is an image of the invitation.

invitation exhibition moving life drawing model dancer wim euverman

Private life drawing weekend
Every one of my private life drawing sessions is also a meeting, an intimate event of sorts.
I’m enthusiast and looking forward to a very special drawing experience!
In my continuing quest of examining outside the box approaches to life drawing,
this weekend I will spend in a small vacation house in a wooded part of my country and totally dedicate my time to life drawing.
On each day a valued muse of mine will work with me for the greatest part of the day. Of course we’ll go for a stroll in the beautiful nature as well. Maybe we walk into some deer, wild boar or the sheep that are herded on the heaths…


That will also be sketched for I will draw everything she does, from the moment she arrives to the moment of her parting and between I will draw and draw small sketches. In this way the whole meeting will be documented in images, which will be turned into a book for each day.
Both of my models enjoy working with me and are very much looking forward to this. When I mentioned I hope they will use the furniture and various rooms of the vacation house for posing (as I intend to incorporate the decor) one reacted: ah, then I know what room I will surely use: the shower! So apparently I will be making water colors as well during this life drawing immersion 😉
The weekend will be a unique experience to my muses and me and for others to enjoy later on in drawings!

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