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Excuse me for not updating this blog for a while, I’ve been very preoccupied creating art and posting it on Instagram where 10,9 K people are following me as I write this. It is an ideal medium for me with very direct likes and responses. I’ve discovered great art & people thanks to IG, have already worked with an inspiring model from abroad and sold art to followers, also commissioned art.
A lot has happened since the previous post on this blog, here is a very brief summary with images for you:

oil painting female nude by wim euvermanAbove is a 120cm high oil painting of a wonderful model
whom I have the honor to work with.

SONY DSCAbove: Just a nice pic of when she worked with me once more and
looked at the painting

29januari2017Above: A collage of photos taken during my exhibition in January 2017
at Atelier STOK, Utrecht, Netherlands

Above: BLIK online, a magazine on visual culture for and by students of the University of Utrecht, asked me to write this essay (posted here without two artworks which are already published on this blog elsewhere).




Above: april 27, 2017 Art installation in a local church. Concept by me.

Above: a drawing of mine on display during the Nasty women Alkmaar exhibition, end of may 2017.

When we were discussing a theme for our upcoming session this cherished model of mine suggested moving, she never did this before but is among the best I’ve ever worked with in this way.

Much more to come…
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Nude models in the woods

It was april 2016 when two of my favorite models and I worked intensively during a unique private life drawing immersion weekend. I had rented a vacation house in the woods for a whole weekend, to sketch & draw them separately without any distractions.
We agreed I was to draw everything, from the moment they arrived until they left.
This would be a new experience for us, how would it be, spending almost a whole day together as artist and muse? Would there be anything left to talk about after a while? Would I be able to create anything worth keeping?

On both days we spent our time inside during nude posing sessions and outside the house, where I sketched her during walks through the forest etc. I wanted to draw them in “normal” circumstances involving nudity. So for instance both of my muses took a shower while I was sketching (and trying to keep the paper dry). We had lunch, dinner, lots of good conversations and created lots and lots of art. If the resulting sketches are any good is not really an issue, both days were an experiment and as such a project as a whole.
It was very enjoyable so we decided to make this a recurring event!

All drawings, with handwritten citations of things that were said and text explaining the whole project, are now available as a book, just contact me to acquire it! Here are some of the drawings (click or touch to open an enlarged version):

Thank you for reading this post, I appreciate your likes, shares and comments!


painting in oils of a nude woman crawling, seen from above

On all fours in oil

I needed to capture more than I could by drawing: the subtle nuances in light and dark and variations in color of the skin. So I started following oil painting classes, the traditional way and became fascinated…Initially my tutor made me create a practice piece, copying a part of a painting by van Dijck. But I soon wanted to use the techniques learned in my own work, so (after a failed painting, which I intend to correct later on) I asked dancer and model M to hold this pose for me while I was standing on the table, looking down upon her.

All my art is for sale, just contact me.

Here, in four stages, you can see the creation of this painting, measuring h70cm x w50cm. Clicking/touching a preview opens an enlarged version with the option to have a look at an even larger version.